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Dir En Grey - The Marrow of A bone (Album)

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Kyo voice on this album are balanced between shouting and singing. It is possible that losing hectic and anger, but offer a solid melodic vocals. In the bone marrow is an album for all moods. Whether you are sad and angry and want to smooth or breaking objects, there is a song for you. My favorite tracks on the album are "The Fatal Believer", have a great groove and a good mix of melodic vocals and screams, and "The Promise" with his performance and his grace and Depeche Mode-esque riff.
It is different from shredding of metals intense guitars and a lot of problems slowly, almost psychedelic ballads. I love this album a little better than last year after the death of wilting. The most difficult thing of the songs are really brutal, but regardless of the aggressive style, gray is you really have a lot of eye-catching riffs and hooks.

Track 01 - conceived Sorrow [4:49]

This is rather slow opening song. Most of the songs The songs are always a little faster and beating. Hehehe ... But it does not mean this song is so worthy song placed opener. Try to listen to Kyo sing without screaming growl and his ax it. In addition the piano ring [Kyo sure I play piano page!] follows the track. Cool, man! I will remind audience KILLER track Merciless Cult Loop and I both made the songs on the album opener Vulgar and Withering to Death.

Track 02 - Lie Buried With a Vengeance [2:43]

I love to shout out at the beginning of the song Kyo this. The typical! In general, the song is almost the same as Agitated Screams of Maggots. End of the song have Kyo remember the word "#$%^" several times. Continue to end with the words "OOOGAA BOOGA BOOGA". What this means either. That, short duration of the song is a sizable heating to enter the next track ....

Track 03 - The Fatal Believer [3:10]

Well, this is the most favorite track of all the songs. I love it! Hear this song are not headbanging. Sound of the guitar roar, plus a vocal Kyo-nge I growl and high on the chorus, surely anyone like this song.

Track 04 - Agitated Screams of Maggots [2:56]

Dir en grey fans surely already know this song [yes yes it ....]. Although I am not really into [may be bored because] with this song, but this song is quite bearable to be followed until the last seconds.

Track 05 - grief [3:37]

Nice song! I like the fit Kyo yell the phrase "shout up! That's @#$%^ @#$%^*.". Credit is also given a game Shinya drum and bass boom Toshiya. Hmmm, according to the info that I can, this song will be the single Dir en gray and will be built next to its PV. Good choice!

Track 06 - Ame no Ryoujoku [4:02]

One of the previous single from Dir en gray included into this album. This song seems remixed... If one does not Ryoujoku Ame no entry in the list album Family Values Tour 2006.

Track 07 - Disabled Complexes [3:56]

Do not be stuck with this song. Initially the pro-slow rhythm and Kyo singing normally. After that? Be ready to hear the roaring guitar and growl Kyo who deserted the split. This song lyrics using the English language. Although the English pronunciation Kyo is not too good, but this is not a bad song. Psycho killer!

Track 08 - Rotting Root [4:45]

The second track that I like in this album after The Fatal Believer. Start song voice sounded metal guitar style of music an 80-year..

Track 09 - Namamekashiki Ansoku, Tamerai ni Hohoemi [4:37]

Again become one of the songs that I like in this album. quite slow. Start heard the songs playing the guitar a la Spain. In this song there is no screaming and no growl at all. Kyo really sing this song at the beginning of the end. Eligible awaited version of this song in its later unplugged [is in DISC TWO LIMITED EDITION ONLY].

Track 10 - The Pledge [3:35]

The song is good, very good. And I also ugly. I was quite boring.

Track 11 - Repetition of Hatred [4:32]

All of the vocal style Kyo remove him completely on this track. This song is standard. But I like the guitar action

Track 12 - The Deeper Vileness [3:46]

Another a kick ass song! Hear the drum beat of Shinya, as if this is a song from a death metal band. Growl its Kyo exquisite in this song. The roaring guitar and keep struggling to get free passage deal with acoustic guitar at the end of the song explains what this song nuances death metal.

Track 13 - Clever Sleazoid [3:12]

The song is super duper bang my head! Whoa. T Unfortunately, the tempo is somewhat slowed. But It's so cool



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